We’re discussing with Alex Mathers, a coach, speaker, writer and illustrator, who always feels like a beginner, about creativity, productivity, inspiration, content creation, freelance business promotion and coaching.
He shares with us his secrets and shortcuts to success and what he’s proud of.
He also reveals his weaknesses and what he struggles with.

A few interesting highlights:

– What you should ask yourself everyday?
– How much content or work you must put out there, before you start getting traction?
– What quality has to do with quantity?
– Why most people prefer to follow than to stand out?
– Will you ever feel prepared?
– When following a routine is good and when it’s not?
– Is it necessary to travel the world to find inspiration?
– Why people don’t get what they desire?
– Is promoting your work desperate?
– Why feeling uncomfortable can be a good thing?
– What happiness has to do with challenges?

An inspiring and insightful interview that most creatives will find extremely helpful.

Listen to the interview:

Visit Alex Mathers’ website and YouTube channel for great content.
Follow him on Facebook.

Mania Mavridou
January 2020

Podcast intro music: Dexter Britain- Beyond the finish line

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Νόμος πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας 2121/1993.

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