If you’re a creative of some sort (which I’m guessing so), you might have wondered — is it possible to do what you love and be successful at the same time? Determining how to make money as an artist for a living can be difficult.

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, for 34% of professionals, the leading factor in a dream job is happiness, but only 22% of us are lucky to work on our dream jobs.

If you are an artist who succeeded to turn your favorite occupation into a paid job, you are one of the few who made their dream come true!

Making money as an artist definitely is possible, but it implies a lot of hard work and a long-term strategy.

Your talent alone isn’t enough to make money as an artist

Although it seems easier than ever to go out there and show your art pieces, it’s extremely possible to get lost in the crowded, hyper-competitive web.

You need hard work, patience and the right strategy to get discovered by prospective clients, sell your artwork, and make money as an artist.

There are specific reasons that only a few artists are making a decent income doing what they most like.

Even if you create masterpieces, they’ll probably remain locked in your warehouse (or your hard disk) if you don’t develop your marketing skills as well as your creative mastery.

In case you’re wondering how to make money as an artist, here’s a secret: you must stop thinking as a hobbyist and start acting like a business owner.

Changing your mindset is an essential step.

What follows next is easier: you just implement tested recipes and effective strategies which bring results.

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Mania Mavridou

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