Consulting and coaching for creatives

> career consulting and business coaching for creatives

Tips, strategies and solutions to the most common pain points creatives have.
Marketing, Branding and Positioning, Attracting the ideal clients, Selling and Pricing, Communicating effectively, Working smartly and productively.
Read some useful posts to get an idea and if you need more help send an email at contact@thesuccessful

> image marketing consultation

Do you take advantage of your #1 marketing tool?
Does your image help you sell your services or products effectively?
Or does it sabotage your business?
I can help you find out and show you how to improve it!

> interior design and color consulting

With the great help of environmental psychology and interior design psychology, we can create spaces that impact our mood and not just our senses.
We can also design commercial spaces that help us sell our services or products successfully, by influencing the prospective customer’s psychology and behavior.
Visit DesignMania, the architectural studio where design meets psychology.

If there’s something I could help you with, contact me at

Hi, my name is Mania Mavridou. 
I am an Architect, Color Consultant and Business Coach, Owner of DesignMania, the Architectural Studio where design meets psychology to create spaces for people to live and work happily.
In 2014 I founded Designing for Happiness, the 1st Greek blog about Interior Design Psychology.
Having a rich experience in teaching Architectural Drawing and CAD, Ι now give speeches and make seminars on Interior Design Psychology, Color Psychology and Visual Marketing.
I also write for Millo, a top American blog for creative freelancers and had been the content curator of The Freelance Report.
In 2019 I created this blog, The Successful Blog, to help creatives follow their dreams and build a successful and profitable business.
I share my secrets, tips and strategies with you through my blog posts, but if you are determined to thrive and stand out from your competitors, leveraging your potential, I can help you with business coaching and career consulting.

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